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What is a tablet PC?

The tablet computer is also called portable computer (English: Tablet Personal Computer, Tablet PC Flat, referred to as Pc, Tablet, Slates), is a small, portable personal computer, as the basic input device with touch screen. It has touch-screen (also known as digital board technology) allows users to use touch pen or digital pen to do the work, rather than the traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can implement input via built-in handwriting recognition, soft keyboards on the screen, speech recognition, or a real keyboard (if the model is equipped).
The tablet computer made by Bill Gate should support from X86 (Intel, AMD) and ARM chip architecture, the tablet computer is divided into ARM architecture (on behalf of products for iPad and Android tablet computer) and X86 architecture (on behalf of products for Surface Pro) using Intel processor and Windows operating system, the general framework of X86 tablet computer, with a complete computer and tablet functions, support exe program. With the development of communication technology, the development of tablet PC is changing rapidly. As an emerging technology, CDMA and CDMA2000 are rapidly becoming popular all over the world, and have already occupied 18% of the wireless market. As of 2012, more than 256 million CDMA2000 users worldwide, and 156 operators in 70 countries have been using 3G CDMA business.
From Microsoft's Tablet PC concept, the tablet is a PC that needs no flip, no keyboard, and is small enough to fit into a lady's handbag.

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