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Tablet PC: a good nanny

A recent survey by the market research firm Nelson (Nielsen) shows that a major function of tablets in many ordinary families is to keep the children quiet. 55% of households said they would plug their tablet devices into their children when the bus was longer. 41% of households believe that giving a tablet to a child in a restaurant is a good way to keep children from making noise. Tablets are a good nanny.
Nelson surveyed all children under the age of 12 years old, the age at which parents often had trouble and headaches. 73% of these families let children play video games on the tablet, 57% prepared educational apps for their children, and 43% of families watched movies and TV shows on their tablets.
On average, 70% of all children with both children and tablets were able to use tablet PCs, up 9% from the previous quarter. It seems that one of the problems that every parent deserves to consider is whether to install tablets for young children.

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