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Tablet buying skills

First, understand the difference between tablet PC and MID and notebook computer
First of all, the same is very small, but the CPU configuration below 1GHz is basically a MID product, unable to realize the software to open, slow running speed, the basic architecture of the CPU RM for the old, poor performance (MP4, GPS is an extension of the use of CPU products commonly used), such as OFFICE applications in general, unstable software background. The tablet PC can be more open software, game applications, OFFICE software applications and other functions, and to ensure that the speed of opening quickly.
Second, laptops are by no means equal to tablets. Compared to laptop computers, tablet computers also support handwriting input or voice input, as well as mobility and portability, in addition to all their functions. Tablet PC running habits similar to desktop PC, light smoke, thin board, float to your side. In addition, the power consumption of the tablet PC is lower, but the performance is still very good.
Two. Understand the Internet access and general software compatibility of tablet computers
Judging from this point, the quality of the tablet is mainly: is it compatible with all kinds of websites and software on the network?. In addition, to see whether it is fully compatible with the pre installed OFFICE software, there is no set equipped with full network video, education, portals, learning and living in one of the software to meet the entertainment needs of the office, whenever and wherever possible.
Three, understand the screen parameters to determine whether high-definition
How do you distinguish between a cottage inferior tablet machine or a professional high quality Tablet PC? The most important thing to see is whether the screen supports HD movies. Screen resolution must support 1024*600 or higher, while supporting HD Movie software formats, at least to support AVI, MPEG and other basic film format categories. In addition, whether the touch screen uses multi touch is also a factor in judging the high-end screen. In view of the basic features of the tablet PC, it can be said that the screen is an important criterion to distinguish between the good and the bad of the tablet.
Four, by expanding the ability to distinguish between good and bad Tablet PC
Including on the expansion of the judgment: whether to support the USB, miniUSB, TF card, U disk interface; support VGA interface, support wired network interface, whether to support the 3G tour, whether to support the WIFI wireless, whether to support the CMMB mobile TV etc..
Five, look at the appearance, look at energy consumption, see the temperature, so that their subjective feelings also make a judgement
Fine and fine mold, exquisite workmanship, accessories, excellent tablet computer, placed in front of it is very texture. Whether, whether there is a slim fashion taste, can be judged by appearance. What's more, a good Tablet PC will be better at saving energy, and very efficient at the same time. In addition, the size of the noise directly affect the daily use of the tablet PC, so this use factor is also very important.
Six, according to supporting services to select the tablet brand
In the past, these matters are easily ignored by consumers, such as: the customer service outlets, brand value, brochures, 3 bags of documents, the national 3C certification, brand support, a lot of people to pay attention to, only in the purchase after the fact, through the brand supporting services to selected tablet computer brand, is a very useful trick. After all, only manufacturers who pay attention to product details value these.
Seven, think ahead, stick to the principle.
The students at the time of purchase, the purchase of the tablet computer to clear their purpose or use, you need to buy tablet to determine what kind of operating system, whether there is a preferred brand or store according to accept promotion recommendation etc.. Also, that is, a clear budget, and targeted to do a good match

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