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Notice of smartphone brushing machine

1, as long as the computer is connected to the machine will be able to brush their own, whether in normal use or white screen. If the phone is not connected to the computer (such as black screen), then you can't brush yourself well.
2, the ordinary data line can brush the machine, as long as your data line is stable, ensure data transmission.
3, the brush must be sure that the mobile phone battery in more than half (or the plug, but when the mobile phone brush a new NOKIA S60 can not plug, for example: 52305800, N976700s. In a word, it's right to fill the battery This is very important.
4. Please read the operation instructions carefully before brushing, and follow the instructions in strict accordance with the instructions.
5, brush machine proposal to brush the complete brush bag, so insurance. Commonly used software, RSD and Flashback two.

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