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3G smartphone basic requirements

1. high speed, high precision processing chip. 3G phones not only support calls and text messages, but they also handle audio, video, and even support multitasking, which requires a powerful, low-power, multimedia processing chip. Such a chip in order to make the phone does not often crash, do not heat, and will not slow the system as snail.
2. major memory chips and storage expansion capabilities. A large number of applications if you want to achieve 3G, no large storage has no value, a complete GPS navigation map, to storage space more than one G, and a large number of video and audio and many applications need to be stored. Therefore, to ensure sufficient memory storage or extended storage, can really meet the application of 3G.
3. large, standardized and touchable display screen. Only a large and standardized display, in order to allow users to fully enjoy the 3G applications. The resolution is generally no less than 320 * 240.
4. support mobile tv. If the mobile phone TV full use of telecommunications network on demand mode, the network is difficult to bear, and in order to ensure the quality of network operators generally for on-demand video traffic control, therefore, mobile phone TV broadcast is an important part of mobile phone entertainment.
5. support GPS navigation. It can not only help you easily find you want to find the place, but also can help you find the GPS navigation around the point of interest, a lot of services in the future, and will also position together, this is the unique feature of mobile phone.
The 6. operating system must support the installation of new applications. It is possible to install a variety of new applications that allow users to install and customize their own applications.
7. equipped with large capacity batteries, and support battery replacement. 3G regardless of the low power technology, power consumption is a big problem, must be equipped with high capacity battery, 1500mAh is equipped with the popularity of 3G, the future is likely to add mobile power will become a standard configuration.
The excellent man-machine interface.

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