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What is the difference between a tablet PC and a smartphone?

Smart phones must meet their function as a mobile phone, is to solve the core needs of the call, and other functions to meet the icing on the cake.
The tablet computer can call (voice and video), but not necessary, its core is to meet the needs of web browsing, mobile office users meet office and entertainment, the call is just one small demand, and non rigid requirements.
Intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone as required to exist, which determines the characteristics of small volume, easy to carry, so the volume limit, call on the basis of the other as far as possible to meet the needs of different users, the other is contradiction between the volume and meet user needs
Platform computers, which are smaller in size than PC, have better portability than PC, so they should be PC computers instead of cell phones.
So, from the product positioning and core requirements determine their differences, summed up as the difference between mobile phones and computers

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