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Smart phones have five major features

I have wireless access to the Internet: the need to support GSM GPRS network or CDMA network CDMA1X or 3G (WCDMA, CDMA-2000, TD-CDMA) network, and even 4G (HSPA+, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE).
Has the function of PDA, including PIM (personal information management), schedule notes, task arrangement, multimedia applications, browse the web.
The operating system is open 3: core processor with independent (CPU) and memory, you can install more applications, so that the intelligent mobile phone functions can be unlimited expansion.
The humanity: according to personal need to expand the function of the machine. According to personal needs, real-time expansion of the built-in functions of the machine, as well as software upgrades, intelligent identification software compatibility, to achieve the software market synchronization of human functions.
The powerful, strong expansion properties, third party software support.
6., fast running: with the development of the semiconductor industry, the core processor (CPU) is developing rapidly, making the smart phones running more and more speed.

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