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How to maintain your tablet?

    Next, Gao Lepu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction...
    1. Thermal Dissipation
    Place the tablet on a soft item, such as a sofa on the bed, which may block the cooling holes and affect the heat dissipation effect, thus reducing the performance and even crashing.
    2, LCD display screen (LCD Panel)
    Do not touch the surface of the screen with sharp objects (hard objects) to avoid scratching. Do not cover the top cover of the LCD screen or place any foreign objects between the keyboard and the display screen to avoid damage to the internal components due to heavy pressure on the cover glass.
When you are not using the computer for a long time, you can temporarily turn off the power of the LCD screen through the function keys, in addition to saving power, you can also extend the life of the screen.
    Do not wipe the screen with a chemical cleaner.
    The surface of the LCD screen will absorb dust due to static electricity. It is recommended to buy a special wiper for LCD screen to clean your screen. Do not use your fingers to remove fingerprints, and please wipe gently.
    3, battery (Battery)
    Room temperature (10-25 degrees) is the optimum operating temperature for the battery. Operating conditions that are too high or too low will reduce battery life.
    When there is no external power supply, if the external working equipment is temporarily unavailable, it is recommended to remove the external equipment to extend the battery life.
    It is recommended to perform battery power calibration on average three months.
    When using a tablet in an environment that provides a stable power supply, as far as the tablet is drawn, when the battery is fully charged, the charging circuit in the battery is automatically turned off and no overcharging occurs.
    Refer to the international voltage instructions when using the AC Adapter.
    4, the fuselage
    When accumulating dust, use a small brush to clean the gap, or use a high-pressure jet can that cleans the camera lens to blow out the dust, or use a palm-type vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the gap.
    Try to use it in a stable condition to avoid operating the computer in a location that is easy to shake.
To clean the surface, apply a small amount of detergent to a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface of the machine with the power off (except the screen).
    5, other components maintenance (Others)
    Always follow the steps below to maintain your tablet and related peripherals before cleaning and maintenance:
    Step 1: Turn off the power and remove the external power cord, and remove the internal battery and all external device cables.
    Step 2: Use a small vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the joints, keyboard gaps, etc.
    Step 3: Wipe the surface of the cabinet slightly with a dry cloth. Please do not drop any cleaning agent into the machine to avoid short circuit burnout.
    Step 4: Wait for the tablet to dry completely before turning it on.
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